I spent the last 2 weeks almost exclusively with testing and bugfixing. Therefore there is not many new features to talk about. The previous version was unfortunately not very stable and several conditions could lead to the game aborting. Since I will soon move on to ordnance related game mechanics I thought it to be very important that we have a game that allows us to actually play those infantry scenarios. As a way to help testing I have worked primarily on the log file system. You can now start, stop and read log files without issuing console commands through the new Game Tool Bar. A log file allows you to record and replay a complete match. Please be aware that the End Phase button has moved to the bottom Scenario Tool Bar. Another important change affects the way to First Fire at bypass targets. You must from now on select the external location(!) and then if needed a hex vertex or side of it in order to correctly aim. I’ve also added new artwork for Russian machine guns. Americans are still missing.