Version 0 1 64 of WW2T will be the last version that only covers infantry combat related rules. It comes with 4 fun-to-play scenarios and features many advanced rules (like Concealment, Fire Groups, Fire Lanes (new!) etc.). A new “Report” button has been added to the upper right hand corner of each counter stack in the map. Clicking on it will present you with all details regarding events affecting each unit or weapon (like Morale Checks etc.). The web service has been overhauled. You can now search for certain matches (either you know the match ID or the host player’s name or you can filter for specific scenarios). Also all traffic to it is now SSL enciphered. There is a password reminder button in case you’ve lost your password. Most importantly: from now on every rated match will count for your Elo score! Each player starts with 1000 points. You score will be calculated after each finished match based on the outcome (won or lost) and how high your opponent’s Elo score is. Winning against a stronger opponent will result in more points than winning against a weaker player. I put a lot of effort into functionality that allows you to recover from a lost network connection or other engine related bugs. Both players can try to reconnect from inside the match if they dropped out. Also, if at match end the result could not be submitted due to network issues you can submit the result later from the match page of the web service. Of course both sides have to submit the same outcome otherwise the match cannot be finished. If you find our during game play that you have no chance of winning the match you can capitulate during each Rally phase. This version is tested very well and can be regarded as stable. I will now start working on the first ordnance related game mechanics.