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    • Ordnance (To Hit process, ammuntion types)
    • Weather conditions (wind direction/force)
    • Wall Advantage
    • Crest status
    • Unit substitution, ELR
    • Ammunition shortage
    • Terrains: walls, hedges, rowhouses, rubble, gully, bridges, trenches, foxholes
    • UI reorganization: Chat window, reduced Hex Inspector, Counter inspector map overlay, Phase Bar, Setup Dashboard
    • Fire Attack tooltips display probability
    • Animations and particles for explosions, smoke
    • Map Editor
    • New scenario Way To The Volga
    • Scenario Special Rules capability


    • Close Combat takes broken and concealed/hidden units correctly into account
    • Rout phase is event based, not possible to miss a unit anymore
    • No longer possible to end phase while in dash move
    • Opportunity Fire flag removed when unit breaks
    • Fire lane no longer possible with broken unit
    • SAN number no longer mixed up between Attacker/Defender
    • Certain bypass moves were not possible
    • Desperate flag now remains if adjacent to known armed enemy unit
    • Spraying Fire no halfed again against empty location
    • Unit that has fired SW can no longer move
    • “F” follow key stopped working after Alt-Tab into Window desktop
    • Deliberate move of units into non-center location prevented


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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