A hotfix release was necessary for certain Concealment related situations. Version 0 1 52 combines those bugfixes with some new features. Concealment loss can now require a Reveal action by the other player in case that all qualifying units in LOS are concealed themselfes. This way Dummy units really live up to their full potential like it should be. Also, Dummy units can pretend to control Locations (the opposing player cannot distinguish) right up till the end of a match. Only then they would be removed from play and control goes back to the side which last controlled a Location with a qualifying MMC. The ESC key allows for quick deselection of all Locations, Units and Setup Areas. Fire Attacks now allow for Spraying Fire to be used (Squad and MG). As soon as you select 2 Locations as a target the attack will use Spraying Fire. Units that move offboard will now be removed from play. AFPh Support Weapon limits are in effect from now on. And especially important: during the Setup phase you can no longer see what your opponent selects or does.