Version 0 1 55 of WW2T features most prominently Smoke Grenades. Infantry with the appropriate capability (white number besides firepower) can now throw Smoke Grenades during their Movement Phase in order to obscure the Line of Sight. Also part of this release is the possibility to Low Crawl during the Rout Phase and thus avoid Interdiction in Open Ground. Portage of Support Weapons has been overhauled. Leaders now lend their portage capacity to any accompanying Squad. Broken units are no longer allowed to carry anything in excess of their portage capacity. Assault Fire now allows Squads with this ability to become much more efficient in the Advancing Fire phase. Morale and Pin Task checks now correctly take leadership modifiers into account. A broken or eliminated Leader leads to Morale Checks or Pin Task Checks for their troops. And finally a new artwork for Leaders and the hex grid has been added to the game. Regard it as a proof of concept. The most important bug fix has to do with the tooltip you’ll see for Fire Attacks. It will no longer show any modifiers that are related to the Line of Sight, since it is not known to the player if there is a valid LOS one until he finally decides to attack. So be prepared that therefore the actual outcome of a Fire Attack might differ from what the tooltip promises.