Admittedly it took a while but finally I can announce Version 0 1 50 Alpha of WW2T. With it comes a big chance with respect to Fog Of War rules – namely the concept of Concealed, Hidden and Dummy units. For this the Setup phase has become slightly more elaborate and sequential. Only at game start both players are allowed to inspect the order of battle. From then on Concealment rules are applied. Concealment gain and loss is handled fully automatically of course. Commands for Mopping Up and Search have been added to the Prep Fire and Movement phases. A new 8 turn scenario (with a new map) is included which makes use of all the new Concealment rules (Stalingrad Tractor Plant). It also features the Factory Building, a new building type. Many bug fixes and smaller improvements have also been shipped like for example the TAB key which allows to switch between both players in a Hotseat match.