You haven’t heard from me for a while now but this doesn’t mean I’m not busy with preparing the upcoming version 0.2.0. It will be the next major step for WW2T on its way to a fully fledged tactical wargame of the Second World War. We finally move on to a totally new combat system covering ordnance. The first scenario on offer will feature a Russian infantry howitzer that can fire high explosives as well as smoke. Believe it or not – smoke will also be animated and no longer be presented by a plain counter in the map! Together with smoke a basic weather simulation makes its appearance (wind, rain). All building artwork has been overhauled. New terrain types will be featured in a completely new map (thanks to Jacksboro who is currently setting up the map!): walls, hedges, bridges, row houses, rubble. The UI will be much less cluttered and lets you see more of the map and less dialogs. With it comes a new way to select your units in the map – I hope it will be less complicated than the old way. Last but not least the map editor should be usable for a broader audience, since it no longer requires you to issue commands via the console. We will start testing the new version soon. Hopefully I can release it in less than a month from now on.