The new version is a maintenance release that features a bunch of usability improvements and minor bug fixes. Log file replay is now more comfortable with a small windows that allows you to set the replay speed as well as to stop or pause the replay. Also all interaction with the game is prevented during log file replay. You will be notified of newly arrived chat messages visually and via ring tone in case the chat window is minimized. A small plus sign in the corner of a counter stack in the map view informs you about the fact that a stack consists of more than one counter. This avoids unnecessary mouse overs in order to check the content of stack. Some new buttons have been added to the Map View toolbar. You can now hide all counters except the moving stack which makes following the actions of the moving player much more easy. All units can be named to your liking (available in Rally phase for both players). Those labels will be displayed under a counter stack and can be switched on/off via a button in the Map View toolbar. There is new keyboard shortcut “J” which works in the same way like the EYE symbol of an event: it centers the map on the last event location. Another Map View toolbar button calls a dialog that shows you all KIA units and destroyed weapons for both sides. A dialog will inform you about the process of establishing a connection to another player via LAN or Online. Placement of Demolition Charges has been overhauled and also improved visually. And last but not least there is the possibility to Snap Shot at a moving enemy. Just select the hex side between the two connecting locations/hexes of his last move.