I’ve spent quite some time weighing the pros and cons of a 3D map against each other. I’m convinced now that there is no alternative to it, considering the immense number of rules “hidden” in the maps. Advanced Squad Leader is played on a fully fledged three dimensional map that is on the one hand a simplification of naturally occuring terrain and on the other a precise simulation of it. I see no better way of explaining all these concepts (multiple building levels, depressions, sewer movement, line of sight etc.) than a 3D map that also lets you explore the line of sight from the perspective of an individual unit. So this is why I came up with a first version of such a thing – still under development but I’m making rapid progress. Eventually this will lead to the replacement of the existing 2D map and its artwork because they will differ slightly. One reason for this is that the ASL scale is just absurd (ever seen a 4-5 meter high forest?), so I had to make some adjustments. The other reason is that the pixel art of the 2D cannot be translated to 3D terrain directly. But no worries: you will still be able to get a 2D orthographic (i.e. non distorted by perspective) overview of the map if you like. The screenshot above shows you an early version of the new map already with multi story buildings functionally working – means they are fully destructable level by level!