The upcoming update 0 1 40a will feature many new event types (Residual FP, Self Rally, Rout etc.) which will help you to better see what your enemy is up to. A new toolbar features a bunch of buttons to access victory conditions and also for the first time the scenario description. A cool new feature will be the “Follow” button (F key). When pressed your map view will follow the actions of your opponent. The Close Combat/Melee will receive a complete overhaul. Ambush is possible now and also the possibility to withdraw from Melee. Cowering has been added to the Fire Attack resolution. Last but not least Snipers will make an appearance. Watch out for the target selection mechanism that will highlight all valid hexes. No more guess work needed. One of the important fixes included in the release will be the tooltip that appears on top of all command buttons: it will stay visible as long as you want and hide only on leaving the button area with the mouse cursor. The version is scheduled for next weekend.