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    More a order of battle list showing all units that selecting jumps you to that unit. Would be more handy with a lot of units in larger scenarios than small ones. Its nice to see a list of what you have to work with. Just a thought. As for Los I know in squad leader you could check los before committing to attack. And I know this is different but looking logically a unit would know if they could see into a hex and even if it could not see units there it would know there’s a obstruction between it and where it wants to fire. I would not blindly fire into a building when I know the target is in the building behind it. I would only fire at hexes I could see. I feel los checking is important. But that’s just my two cents. I am happy to see this game and I hope that it is a big success. I played squad leader when it first came out in 77′ and have looked for something similar on pc over the years. I hope that this will be it. Let me get more familiar and yes I’d love a match. Great job so far.

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