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    A couple of people asked me how truthful WW2T is with regards to the rules of Advanced Squad Leader. Well, very much, indeed! 🙂 I went to great length to keep the rules consistent with the boardgame ancestor. Currently there is only 2 areas where I deviated from it:

    a) Sniper – once a Sniper has been activated and attacks normally it does so without further player actions required. There are circumstances though where a player can choose between targets of equal distance etc. I implemented a random selection instead. Mainly because of technical reasons a couple of months ago, because I was not able to handle this forth and back of player actions. BUT this is on my shortlist and will be corrected soon.

    b) Fire Lane – In the boardgame Fire Lanes are only possible in 12 directions along a a hexspine or alternate hex grain. This is hard to explain to someone who is not familiar with the rules (and playing WW2T should not require you to know the rules!). So, I lifted this restriction. You can lay a Fire Lane in any(!) direction in conjunction with your First Fire attack. The Fire Lane Residual Firepower that results from such an attack is calculated according to the rules except as follows: if the LOS of that attack crosses 2 equidistant hexes each receives half the FP of the Fire Lane Residual FP. If the LOS to the hex center of that hex is blocked, the other equidistant hex receives the full FL RFP. My assumption is that the limitation set by the rules was simply invented in order to be able to mark the direction with a counter along those 12 angles.

    Well, that said, keep in mind that you might encounter other deviations that are simply a result of the incompleteness of the rules set covered in WW2T so far. But this will improve over time.

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