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    • Game Tool Bar added
    • Improved Log file handling; Read, Write, Stop dialogs and buttons
    • Log files support comments, lines starting with “#”
    • Selection of Bypass Targets in Defensive First Fire need first select the external location
    • Buttons and dialogs for Save Match and Save Match As
    • End Phase button moved to bottom Tool Bar
    • Matches can be saved by LAN or Online host player always


    • Blanks were causing problems in username and password for online registration
    • MF after Forced Back event did not reflect the added cost
    • Detection did not reveal Defender units via Random Selection
    • Hex side and hex vertex was difficult at times
    • Already broken MMC did not suffer CR after breaking again due to Sniper attack
    • Hindrance of outgoing inherent terrain was incorporated
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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