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    Based on version Alpha 0.2.05

    Generally speaking the rule coverage is currently limited to infantry combat and ordnance. This means that you can play with Squads, Half Squads and Leaders with Support Weapons (Machine Guns, Demolition Charges, Flamethrowers) and Guns. No chapter D rules are implemented so far. Work on this has begun now though. Chapter B Terrain rules are covered for the terrain used in the scenarios.

    Those are the concepts currently implemented:

    • Squad, Half Squad, Crew, Leader (broken, desperate, exhausted, pinned, wounded)
    • Support Weapons: Light Machine Gun, Medium Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun (Rate of Fire, Breakdown, Repair, Recovery, Transfer, Portage), Demoliton Charge, Flamethrower, assemble/reassemble
    • Guns (onboard), HE, AP, Smoke, To Hit, Area Fire, Target Acquisition, Quick Setup
    • Rally, Self Rally, Deploy, Recombine
    • Prep Fire, Opportunity Fire, Place/Throw DC
    • First/Subsequent/Final Protective Fire, FFMO, FFNAM, Fire Lane
    • Movement (Minimum Move, Assault Move, Bypass, Double Time, Place DC, Dash)
    • Defensive Fire (Final Fire), Snap Shot, Residual Firepower, Fire Lane Residual Firepower
    • Fire Groups, Sustained Fire, Assault Fire, Long Range Fire, Point Blank Fire, Spraying Fire (Squads, MG)
    • Advancing Fire, AFPh SW limits
    • Field of Fire, Covered Arc
    • Rout, Low Crawl (Voluntary Break, Interdiction), Voluntary Rout
    • Advance
    • Close Combat
    • Snipers
    • Setup, Offboard setup
    • Morale Check, Casualty Reduction, Kill-In-Action, Pin-Task-Check
    • Leader Loss Morale Check, Leader Loss Task Check
    • Road Bonus, MF Leader Bonus
    • Stacking Limit
    • Open Ground, Wooden/Stone/Factory/Rowhouse Building, Road, Orchard, Grain, Offboard, Bridge, Gully, Wall, Hedge, Rubble
    • Line of Sight, Obstacles, Hindrance, Blind hexes
    • Victory Conditions, Scenario Special Rules
    • Concealment (Concealed, Hidden, Dummy Units), Mopping Up and Search
    • Smoke/grenades
    • Field Promotion / Leader creation
    • Unit substitution/ELR
    • Trench, Foxhole, Entrenchment status
    • Crest status, Wall Advantage
    • Weather conditions

    All rules are enforced. It is not possible to perform illegal actions (except it is a bug!). The most complex rules so far are those that relate to the Rout phase.

    Since we are just at the beginning I will also list the most important Infantry rule concepts currently not covered:

    • A4.15 Infantry Overrun
    • A7.7 Encirclement
    • A9.73 SW self destruction
    • A9.74 Random SW destruction
    • (A13 Cavalry)
    • A15 Heat of Battle, Hero, Berserk
    • (A16 Battlefield Integrity)
    • A20 Prisoners
    • A24.3 WP
    • C1 Offboard Artillery
    • C3.7 Critical Hit
    • C3.8 Multiple Hit
    • C7 To Kill process
    • C9 Mortars
    • C11 Guns as targets
    • C12 Recoilless Rifles
    • C13 Ligth anti-tank weapons
    • D*

    This list is also quite a good description on what will be added to the rule set in the upcoming releases.



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    No. Leading zeroes are omitted to retain the flavour of the ST:TOS stardates.
    Earlier in this thread Blaze proved that this is not ambiguous for Saturday shift dates for many years to come.


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