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    A short AAR between Ben ( the Russian ) and Jacksboro ( the German ) out of my point of view. Ben, please add your thoughts if I got something wrong.

    Scenario Rattenkrieg

    It was a cold and rainy day….. πŸ˜‰

    First, I really like this scenario. It is fun to play with a clear objective for both. With the Russian reinforcements included, I think also well balanced.

    The German Setup was about evenly spread along the road to the south. I had a couple more units with my best leader in the center left to cross the road fast ( good old street dash  ) and get into the buildings south of the road quickly so I could build up pressure in the center. The units on the flanks both had leaders to rally up my broken guys if needed. Unit’s setup on the East side were meant to give cover for my attacking center units in the PfPH and then, in about turn 2 or 3 also start there attack southward into the far east buildings.
    Troops in the west were pretty well mixed to fight themselves through to conquer the objective building in the southwest without help from their fellow comrades.

    I had it all thought out and was sure of victory…..and then came Ben 

    He had a well spread setup as well, with his MMG + Leader setup on the north side of the 2nd Floor of the center objective building giving me a headache. Couple of units in the far east building and some Ivan in the west. Also a LMG in the south to cover the open area between the victory buildings and orchards, making sure my units will think twice before walking out the door while whistling a Sinatra song.

    Everything was executed about the way I wanted until about turn 3 or 4. I had the west building more or less in control with broken Ivan fleeing to the east. There was a decent German force in the center map buildings about to raid the center objective building. My right flank didn’t work like I wanted to. A big mistake was not to use the powerful flamethrower over 2 Hexes.

    Ben got some nice β€œlong” distant shots to my units in the north east, breaking them for the rest of the game because I needed my self rally for broken squads in the center battle. The Russian sniper ( another female?) killed my leader in the east, leaving my already broken units with nothing to do except to suck on their thumbs and hold each other tight for the rest of the battle. So, there goes the right flank with no help from the north.

    Fresh Russian reinforcements entered on turn three from the southeast ready to fight. Things are looking bad for the Wehrmacht.

    Ben started spreading his units in the center building to different floors, making it difficult to catch them. I set off my first DC though  boom! I had a pretty good stack run through the ground floor so I could cross the street from the west to try and capture victory building three. Keeping in mind that my follow up units would finish the rats in the center building. I had managed to break a good stack of Russian reinforcements with their -2 leader in the south of the center objective building.

    Another big mistake, my units in the east were not able to gain ground fast enough to help the attack and distract the now rallied up killer Russian reinforcement stack. Pushing the declare assault move button while wanting to double time does not help at this moment πŸ˜‰

    And last but not least. My plan to cross the street to victory building three in the east with smoke cover and dash was suddenly stopped by a Russian Squad in the first floor! Good shot I must say!

    I had a lot of fun with Ben playing this scenario!! It was a tough fight but in the end the Ivan held victory.

    I call for revenge πŸ˜‰


    Nice after engagement report πŸ™‚

    I laughed at “The Russian sniper ( another female?) killed my leader in the east” remembering my own Roza Shanina
    showing off her marksmanship against Jacksboro’s German forces in a previous engagement πŸ™‚

    Be lucky that Ben’s forces didn’t go berserk πŸ™‚ I was trying to find the SL or ASL rules about Russian berserk units.

    Street dash, that is something I have to remember to use.

    Does a flame thrower hit out to two hexes? At half power ?


    Yeah, I thought you would like your sniperett πŸ™‚

    Yup, you can use your flamethrower over 2 hexes with half FP and no terrain modifier!

    I would suggest you hook up with Ben and play a match. You can ask him about beserk, human wave etc.

    Cheers πŸ™‚


    Awesome, thank you Jacksboro! I cannot add anything significant to your AAR. That’s exactly how we played it! It is too early to say whether the scenario – as it is configured right now – is well balanced, but at least doesn’t look totally unbalanced. This was our re-match after I had won the first match as the German player and I have to say that Jacksboro this time chose a convincing setup (and one that was very different from mine before). He put up a lot of pressure during the whole match and as you said, up until turn 3 if not 4 it looked to me like he would make it. My reinforcements came into play unharmed though and with them the best Russian leader (9-2). They made all the difference and I kept them together and deployed them just on the eastern flank in order to slow down his advance. This strategy worked out it the end, but barely – it came down to a few significant fire attacks. Admittedly I scored some good shots in the final stage of the game.

    And regarding the weather report: Well, it was heavily raining while the Germans marched into our lands but as soon our comrades had the upper hand, the sun broke through the thick clouds and the children came out to play in the streets again, the birds started to sing and the flowers to blossom! πŸ™‚


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