Version 0.1.30a of WW2T ready

It took a couple of days longer than expected to test everything and fix a couple of bugs. But now version 0 1 30a of WW2T is available in the download section. It contains an important update regarding multiple vertical locations of a hex. You can now properly play the scenario GuardsCounterattack since the German player is able to retreat to and defend himself from upper building levels. Watch out for the staircase symbol which tells you where you can move up and down. Line of Sight mechanics have been overhauled in order to allow shooting over obstacles and also correctly calculate blind hexes should they occur. The update also features some improvements regarding hand over to your opponent. You will receive a audio-visual signal when your action is required. Two keyboard shortcuts allow you to show/hide map counters (H) and show/hide the hexes (V) playing a role in the…
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0.1.20a out with Bypass and more

Version of WW2T can be downloaded from the download page. It includes two new visual features that make life easier. One is the visual depiction of a Line Of Sight after having declared a Fire Attack, the other are Events. Events (currently covering movement and fire attacks) provide a short summary of the last action. They also allow to directly jump to the location where the action has taken place (eye symbol). They will form the basis of more visual feedback of actions taken by other players in the future. The new version of WW2T also adds two new Movement commands: Bypass and Double Time. While Bypass lets you walk around Wood and Building obstacles, Double Time extends your Movement Factors. Also improved has the handling of Fire Groups which should now work correctly including Leader Direction and multi-location Fire Groups. A bit of a headache proved to be the…
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WW2T released

Our first alpha version has been officially released. Please read the announcement in the Forums as well as any accompanying help articles. You can download what in the future will be the most complex tactical simulation of World War II from the Download page for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX PCs.
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